Jackpot systems

Interslot jackpot portfolio includes several types of jackpot solutions. All of them increase the winning possibilities in particular as well as the attractiveness of the casino in general. The combination of slot machines with a progressive serial jackpot ensures maximum excitement for players and guarantees a tingling casino atmosphere.

Starting with local “stand alone” jackpots with only a few connected machines to large-scale “wide area” jackpots that stretch across entire casino areas, Interslot Gaming Technology also offers “hidden” so-called “mystery jackpots” that can be advertised and cracked on all participating machines. Currently, the 4-tier jackpot solutions (“Mini, Minor, Major and Grand Jackpot “) from Interslot Gaming Technology are very popular and are accordingly often used by casino operators. All systems are fully SAS compatible.

The jackpot increases with each bet. The current jackpot amount to be won is shown on the display of each participating machine. When the jackpot is hit, a flashy animation starts and the winning amount is transferred to the player’s account on the machine