Video Lottery Terminal

Video Lottery Terminal – The VLT solution from Interslot Gaming Technology


VLT is a server-bound gaming system which can be used in many variants, for example for the operation of nationwide slot machine networks or to meet certain customer and country-specific requirements. Essential features of VLT systems are the strictly secured game mechanics and the direct connection to a, mostly state supervised authority.

The Interslot VLT Video Lottery solution is the perfect combination of security, accuracy, transparency, simplicity and flexibility. All game functions and Mathematics are handled by a central server, and the game is played on the connected machines.

Game servers are the central element of any VLT system. They operate in real time and make games and system software available for the connected terminals. This turns every connected machine into a fully-fledged slot machine. While players are enjoying the selected game the fullest, the server decides on win and loss in the background using a random generator. Operators and state authorities can intervene at any time and adapt the integrated software as required.

Server-based gaming (= SBG – "Server-based gaming") is a basic requirement for the operation of video lottery terminals. Interslot Gaming Technology has a plenty of experience in this area. The server handles the entire gaming process online and in real time, including an integrated payment system on the connected machines. The user-friendly interface ensures increased satisfaction among the players.

The conception and implementation of VLT is a highly complex matter, so it is not surprising that only a handful of manufacturers are able to offer the desired solution. A number of certificates from independent test institutes prove the reliability and security of our VLT solution.
Server-based gaming gives operators increased and predictable chances of winning, players more choice and security, and authorities more control. Seen in this way, all those involved in the system benefits.

Our product is an online-based VLT solution equipped with well-engineered security functions. Since all system levels allow unlimited reporting options, there are a number of optimization options and advantages for the operator, both financially and in terms of marketing.

In summary, the VLT from Intraslot GamingTechnology represents a modern and powerful VLT solution, which is characterized in particular by high security and maximized profit opportunities for the operator.